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New Member Account Options & Benefits

Whether you're a frequent business flyer or a holiday-maker, each Budget account type has its benefits for you! Check out the details below, choose the one that's right for you, then enroll online for RapidRez basic or Download Fastbreak Service Application Form.


If skipping the counter is important, this is the account for you! Enrolment is FREE, but a valid credit card is required for enrolment. Storing credit card information on your account is your key to counter bypass at participating locations because a valid form of credit is required for every rental.

Join now and say goodbye to waiting, to queues, to paperwork!


If you don't want Budget to securely store your credit information on your account, RapidRez will store some personal information and rental preferences to save you time at the rental location.

Enrolment is free!

Services and Benefits

  • Our Fastbreak service is available at all our International Airports worldwide and other selected downtown locations.
  • Enrolling in either RapidRez or Fastbreak service is free
  • We'll keep your profile in our system. When you make a reservation just quote your Budget Fastbreak or RapidRez number and we'll make sure your rental agreement and the car of your preference are ready for you.
  • Faster Rentals - Present your driver’s license to our staff for identification at the counter. We will have your Budget Rental Agreement prepared, together with your vehicle keys and direct you to your vehicle.
  • Faster Returns - Returning your car is faster too. Just pop your keys in the Fastbreak rental wallet, note the mileage and remaining fuel, then drop it off at the Fastbreak counter on your way and you're ready to fly.
  • Faster Receipts - You can obtain a copy of your Rental Agreement/Tax Invoice from our website.
  • Rent more save more!
  • Click here to view Fastbreak Terms and Conditions.