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Are We There Yet?

Tips to survive the school holiday road trip

Long road trips with the kids can leave everyone tearing their hair out. Here’s some top tips for keeping your little angels distracted until you reach your holiday destination.

  1. Be prepared... pack plenty of games and toys, music selections and sticker books... make sure there’s enough to go around, ‘cause we all know that kids can’t seem to share anything in the car!
  2. Rehash the traditional car games we played as kids; try ‘eye spy’, telling jokes or the old faithful ‘counting game’ where the kids count anything from red cars to cows
  3. Stop often. At least  every 2 hours for toilet stops and to stretch the legs
  4. Give the kids some screen time; DVD, DS and so on... They will have the rest of the holiday to play outside!
  5. And lastly, pack plenty of snacks, but be sure to avoid high sugar food and drinks... because we all know that would end in tears.

Budget Rent A Car offers child safety seats from as little as $5.50 per day; and GPS units to keep you on the right track.  So add these items to your car rental when you book and have a happy and safe trip.