Retrieve Toll Invoice | Budget Rent A Car Australia

Budget rental vehicles are now registered on RMS' e-toll system so that tolls incurred by you when using a Budget vehicle on any Australian toll road can be recorded and billed to you by Roads and Maritime Services in an efficient manner.

All Budget rental vehicles are registered on the RMS' e-toll system to enable their use on any toll roads in Australia. Currently, these toll roads are on the eastern seaboard of Australia (including the toll roads in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane).

The RMS E-Toll Facility is available to you when you rent a vehicle from the Budget network.

At the time of rental you will receive your Budget rental document which includes the RMS Customer Agreement,  allowing you to use  the RMS E-Toll Facility when you use the vehicle on a toll road and incur tolls.

The amounts payable in connection with your use of the RMS E-Toll Facility are described in the RMS Terms and Conditions. Please note that the amounts payable include: 

(a) the applicable toll(s) incurred by your use of the vehicle on a toll road during the rental (which varies from toll road to toll road); and 

(b) a service fee of, currently, $3.30 (if paying by credit card) or $5.00 (if paying by cash) for each calendar day on which the vehicle incurs a toll (part of which service fee is paid by the RMS to Budget. 

The amounts owing to the RMS in connection with your use of the RMS E-Toll Facility will be invoiced directly by RMS – visit for full details. You must not use any other tag or tolling product of any other toll provider in your Budget rental vehicle. If you do, you can incur two separate charges – one by RMS and another by the other toll facility provider.

To download a tax invoice or a transaction summary of toll payments, simply visit and follow the instructions on the site.

For full details, click here to view the complete Terms and Conditions of Rental.