Windscreen & Tyre Protection | Budget Car Rental


Drive with confidence knowing you’re covered for damage to windscreens, all four windows and all tyres, including the spare. That’s peace of mind driving!

What is Windscreen and Tyre Protection (WST)?

Windscreen and Tyre Protection lowers your liability in the event of any damage caused to the vehicle’s windscreen, windows and tyres to $0. It is ideal if you want to be covered for the essentials. For utlimate peace of mind, we do recommend our Zero Excess coverage.

What am I covered for with Windows and Tyre Protection?

Windows and Tyre Protection covers you for damage to the front and back windscreen, all side window glass; and the tyres, which means all four tyres, including any spare tyre.

Exclusions of Windscreen & Tyre Protection:

  • Towing of the vehicle, if required;
  • Damage to the mirrors;
  • Damage to the headlights;
  • Damage to the wheel, i.e. hubcap, rim, alloy wheels, etc.

Coverage for these items is available through our other coverage options.