Fuelling Options | Budget Car Rental


Road-trip adventures are sometimes spontaneous, and you don’t know where the drive can lead you. And you wouldn’t want to get stuck out of pocket by the time you return your vehicle back to us. That’s why we have 3 fuelling options for you, suitable for any drive. 

Take the hassle out of fuelling up and choose one of our options below.

Pre-Paid – pay now and avoid the hassle of filling up later

Pre-pay a full tank of fuel from us at the start of your rental, at a price competitive with the local fuel stations. You will not need to refill the tank before returning and will have nothing more to pay for fuel. This is the best option for high kilometre journeys where you will use 3/4 tank of fuel.

DIY Fuel – if you prefer to fill up yourself

Return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel purchased from a local fuel station. This is a good option for low kilometre journeys.

Pay on Return – if you’re short on time to fill up

We will charge you a price per litre to refill the tank. Pay on return price may be higher than the local fuel station. These prices are indicated on your Rental Agreement in ‘Fuel Services’. If you are short on time, we take care of refuelling at a higher cost.