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What is PhotoProofedTM

PhotoProofed is our market leading technology that captures the current condition of your rental vehicle on camera which can then be viewed on our PhotoProofed tablet prior to collecting your vehicle. With evidence of pre-existing damage that has been captured and the ability to add your own photos if you feel we missed something, you can worry less about the ride and enjoy the adventure more.

How does it work?

  • 8 photos will be taken of your vehicle while it is being cleaned prior to pick up. We will take additional photos where relevant, of specific areas.
  • When you arrive, we will show these photos to you on our PhotoProofed tablet, where you have the opportunity to sign off on these at the counter. They will then be emailed directly to you for reference.
  • After you’ve left the counter, you can view the photos via a link in the email. This is also your opportunity to upload your own photos if you think something has been missed.
  • Once you return your rental vehicle, we will refer to these photos if necessary, to confirm if any damage occurred to the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions