1. What refuelling options do I have?

    A. If you aren't sure how far you'll be driving, but plan to stop for petrol, don't pay Budget in advance for petrol and bring the car back full to avoid any refuelling service charge.

  2. Why do I have to return my car at a set time?

    A. Many rates, like weekend specials, are only available during certain time periods. Returning the car after or even before the designated time might affect the rate quoted. Returning the car by the agreed-upon time also helps ensure that all other customers will have their reserved car available upon their arrival.
  3. If I pick up a car on Tuesday at noon and return it Wednesday at 4 p.m., will I be charged for one day or two?

    A. Most car rental rates are based on a 24-hour clock. So in this case, you'd be charged for three extra hours or one additional day, whichever is less. In addition, the charges for optional waivers, optional insurance and surcharges are applied on a 24-hour basis.
  4. If I want to pick up a car at one location and drop it off at another, does it cost more?

    A. Car rental companies may charge renters an extra drop-off fee for cars picked up at one location and returned to another, and sometimes impose a fee for additional mileage. Customers interested in a one-way rental should specifically ask if there are any drop-off fees or charges for additional mileage and what locations are authorised for such rental car returns.